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”Smartick Helps Us Maintain a High Level of Mathematics”

high level of mathematics

We on the Smartick team love to meet the children from all over the world who use our product. A few days ago we got the chance to talk to Eva’s family. Her two children, Donat and Fruzsina, have been completing their daily sessions with us for a while and we are very proud to say that their father, who is a developer, has praised our product.

How did you learn about us?

We are from Hungary, and when we moved to Sweden we saw that the level of mathematics here was different, so we were looking for something extra. A friend of ours who lives in Kenya had the same problem and after discovering Smartick for her children, she recommended it to us. Furthermore, they do not give much homework here, so the children know that they have to do it every day.

In Sweden, they don’t push the children with mathematical talent much, it is very democratic in the sense of treating everyone equally, all children are equal. We, of course, know that not all children are the same. There are some that will take it very seriously, and others not so much. There are those that can progress much faster than what is being taught at school, and still others who fall behind. With Smartick we know that they can maintain a high level of mathematics.

At this point in time, Eva explained to us that her son has spent 300 consecutive days completing his sessions. And it gives us an idea, ”Wouldn’t it be good if, after completing a certain number of days, 100 for example, Smartick gave the avatar a t-shirt it can wear. But as a gift, not something you can buy. A reward for having been able to do so many days in a row, to show that you are special.” We are happy to say that we have taken the idea into account and passed it on to the development team who is very enthusiastic about it.

Do you have other afterschool activities?

Yes, they also go to judo and play the piano. They get up at 7 in the morning then leave school at 4:30 in the afternoon and afterward they have piano and judo.

We have asked the children what they would like to request from Smartick, and they told us that for Christmas they would like to buy a reindeer. They love the new coding sessions and want to do those more often, and we also help them make progress with number bars. They like science, biology, and of course mathematics. Surely with Smartick, they will maintain a high level of mathematics for Sweden, or any country in the world.

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