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Review from Homeschooling without Training Wheels

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Lynna, homeschool mama of seven kids and the author of Homeschooling without Training Wheels has recently given the Smartick method a try in her house and curriculum. The article begins addressing the common issue that homeschooling parents share—the inevitable trade-off between effort and flexibility with already set in stone curriculum programs.

What if you could combine both the ease of a ready-made review program with the flexibility of tailoring the activities to exactly the skill level of your student?

Check out her article, where Lynna names Smartick the answer to this very question that every homeschooling mama asks! In this article, Lynna repeats that Smartick is “Developmental Math at Just the Right Pace” for children.

One of Lynna’s favorite things about the Smartick method from her article:

Smartick hits every skill and concept from so many different angles in gradually increasing complexity. Students build on accomplishments, stretching their mental capacity as they go! Everyone from our preschooler to our middle schooler is benefiting from this practice.”


We are thrilled with the excitement and love for math that Smartick provides for families! Thank you for sharing your experience, Lynna!

We would like to invite you to try Smartick and experience the program for yourself and your family! Sign up now and try a Smartick 15-day free trial!  

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