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Smartick is an online platform for children to master math in only 15 minutes a day
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All posts by Daniel de Vega

Co-founder of Smartick. From Málaga, received a Master´s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad de Málaga, earned his MBA at INSEAD, and is an ENDEAVOR entrepreneur. He is responsible for product development and fitting all the pieces of the Smartick puzzle together. As for the free time he gets from Smartick, he dedicates that to his two daughters, studying, practicing sports, and listening to flamenco.


From an MIT Hoodie to Smartick

From an MIT Hoodie to Smartick

There are times when life rewards you, and it’s in those moments that you’re assured that all that your effort has been worthwhile. At Smartick, it happens often. When happy parents write to us because their children are no longer intimidated by math, for example. Another example is the day we publicized our agreement with […]

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