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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of the most frequently asked questions about Smartick. If you have other questions, contact us directly.
We would be be happy to help you.


What is Smartick?

Smartick is a unique online learning method that, through mathematics, increases mental agility, calculation skills and concentration, and study habits, helping your child reach their maximum potential.

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Is Smartick an enrichment or remedial method?

The profile of the students that use Smartick is varied. Some of our students are falling behind in math classes and need to fill in some gaps in their learning, while others are looking to expand their knowledge beyond what is taught at school. Smartick allows them to work at a pace best suited to them, and keeps them motivated throughout the 15 minute practice sessions.

Our ultimate goal is to give each child the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, avoiding frustration.

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At what age can my child start using Smartick?

Your child can start using Smartick as soon as he or she is 4. The early development of math, logic and reading comprehension skills is a key factor in academic success.

The ideal age to work with Smartick is between 4 and 14. Independent work and the benefits of long-term daily exercises ensure that Smartick is suitable at any age but it is always better to start from an early age to begin developing skills and accumulate the maximum benefit.

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Why Smartick?

Smartick is the best solution to complement the student's learning in mathematics, consolidating its fundamental pillars, improving mental capacity and agility in an efficient and fun manner.

Smartick helps parents to foster the development of the mathematical skills of their children using interactive tools on the Internet, outside of school, in short daily sessions (15 minutes) and in an entertaining manner. Smartick therefore does not require shifts or schedules that typically require extra monitoring by parents.

Smartick keeps students motivated throughout daily sessions and continuously adapts to their level, using positive reinforcement to encourage and support every child. This feature helps build self confidence, discipline, concentration and study habits, as well as math and reading comprehension skills.

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What methodology is Smartick based on?

Smartick's main goal is to help children understand and enjoy math. We use different approaches and exercises: from mental calculation and arithmetic, to logic and word problems.

Our methodology incorporates the best of traditional learning methods (Japan, Singapore method, etc), combined with studies from top research centers and universities, such as Harvard and Chicago. State of the art technology and pedagogical adaptation is added to the mix by our outstanding team of engineers, mathematicians, educators and psychologists.

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How long will the child be working for each day?

The time spent working at home is 15 minutes per day. During early years it will be closer to 10 minutes and will gradually increase as your child improves his or her ability to concentrate.

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Do they need to do the exercises every day, including weekends and holidays?

Ideally, children should complete their session every day. Our recommendation is your child complete his or her math session at least 5 times a week so that they can fully experience the value of Smartick.

The benefits of Smartick are obtained through long-term daily work. Encouraging good work ethic and study habits and improving concentration requires continuous daily effort. It is important to maintain a routine, even on weekends and during vacations. Smartick is designed as a method of learning from home, where the crucial factor is consistency.

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What if we go on vacation and they can't do their session?

We recommend your child completes his or her math session at least 5 times a week so that they can fully experience the value of Smartick. However, if there are exceptional circumstances where your child is unable to complete his or her session, parents have the option to schedule "Smartick vacation time". This means that the platform will not alter or hinder the student's progress or study plan.

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My child has a lot of homework from school and it's difficult to find 15 minutes per day.

On average, children spend 2.5 hours a day in front of a TV screen. Smartick's daily sessions require just 15 minutes of maximum concentration.

We recommend that children complete their session at the same time every day in order to create a good routine and study habit. Positive effects have been observed when children do their session just before their homework as a warm up, leading them to complete their school tasks more efficiently.

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If my child doesn't understand an exercise, who will help?

The material used in Smartick is designed to present content that develops according to the level of knowledge that the student has. This results in gradual progress that allows the student to learn independently. In addition, Smartick also automatically provides audiovisual tutorials when a new topic is introduced and when it detects that a student is having difficulty understanding a concept.

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How can I help my child?

At Smartick, we emphasize the different reasons why a parent's involvement is essential for children to achieve their objectives: maintaining a general routine to help students develop good study habits, constantly motivating them by showing interest, and encouraging them to perform to the best of their ability.

Finally, we should not forget that children must do their Smartick session unaided by parents. Smartick is designed specifically for the child to work independently and develop their skills.

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Where do I begin?

Joining Smartick is easy. You can register at by following a few simple steps. Once registration is complete, children can start working on their daily session. We recommend that families use Smartick for at least 5 days a week in order to benefit from it.

Students can access our platform at any time of the year, including summer.

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If my child failed math, will he or she pass the next test?

Smartick is not a short-term remedy or a tool for working towards an upcoming exam, but an activity that in the medium-to-long term aims to take students as far as their capacity allows. Smartick works to provide definitive solutions that allow students to pass all future exams through study over time.

Smartick guarantees the optimal development of mathematical ability, which has proven to be a key factor in the academic success of children across all disciplines. Good mathematical knowledge is essential to the education of every child, preventing failure in school, and adequately preparing students for higher education.

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When will I see my child's results?

The benefits of Smartick are obtained through long-term daily work. Due to its characteristics, the benefits of the Smartick method reach far beyond mathematical knowledge, developing study habits, or improving the student's ability to concentrate. Although you should be able to see results within 3 months, we recommend using the method for at least 6 - 12 months before evaluating its effectiveness.

The method has been designed so that children start at a comfortable point, with the aim of laying the foundations of learning and helping to improve confidence in themselves and their abilities. Each Smartick exercise is slightly more challenging than the last. The progression is so gradual that students can acquire the necessary skills to progress independently. Each student progresses at a comfortable pace, determined solely by their own capacity and commitment to using the method.

Additionally, the benefits of the Smartick method surpass the results reflected in school examinations as there is no real equivalence between the level each student works at with Smartick and the level that they work at in school.

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Who will inform me of my child's progress?

Parents receive an email with a summary of the session right after their child has completed it. They also have access to a detailed dashboard where they can monitor the performance of the students. They can review the study plan, see metrics (i.e. attendance, effectiveness, or speed of resolution), and schedule personalized rewards.

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Smartick and school

Is there a relationship between the levels in Smartick and the school grade system?

Smartick complements the school curriculum and is aligned with the Common Core Standards and with the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) standards. Due to the adaptive nature of the program, Smartick lets kids progress at their own rhythm. Students may keep advancing above their grade level or step back if they need to fill in some learning gaps.
The acknowledgement that each child has different skills, learns at a different pace, and is given what they need at the right time is part of the essential nature of Smartick. We are 100 percent positive that everybody can learn and enjoy math.

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Why is Smartick an effective companion to my child's schooling?

The school education system cannot help each child individually. Classes move at the pace of "the group" and not all children understand and incorporate the concepts simultaneously. Similarly, children are held back and become disillusioned and bored when the pace of learning is too slow. Smartick is guided by the individual ability and capacity of each student in order to develop their math skills up to 100% of their potential, while keeping them constantly motivated.

Smartick wants children to learn how to reason and improve in math, but also aims to build self-confidence, concentration, discipline and study habits. All these abilities are key to a successful academic performance.

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If my child is progressing rapidly will it be detrimental to progress further than the school course?

Surpassing school level, with respect to the specific capacity of each student, is not a problem. Working outside of school level allows Smartick to be fully effective and develops a self-taught learner behaviour in each student.

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Is there a discount for more than one child?

Yes, there is a discount for additional siblings. Your family can also enjoy a lower rate if the subscription period is extended to 3 or 12 months. We encourage you to register for our free trial and access the parents dashboard, where prices are detailed.

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