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Interviews with parents, students, teachers, educators, and people who help to spread the love for mathematics.


Review from Homeschooling without Training Wheels

Lynna, homeschool mama of seven kids and the author of Homeschooling without Training Wheels has recently given the Smartick method a try in her house and curriculum. The article begins addressing the common issue that homeschooling parents share—the inevitable trade-off between effort and flexibility with already set in stone curriculum programs. What if you could […]

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Online Math Fun with Smartick, a Review from Adventures in Homeschooling

One of the best things that we, here at Smartick, love to hear is when children experience a newfound love and excitement towards math through our program! Tawnee, a mother of four and homeschooling mama, has shared her experience with Smartick on her blog, Adventures In Homeschooling. Tawnee shares on her review: “Our oldest has struggled […]

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Smartick is “The Kind of Sidekick This Busy Mama Needs!”

Check out this week’s shout out from Simple Homeschool in which Lora Lynn Fanning—mother, homeschool educator, and writer—calls Smartick “the kind of sidekick this busy mama needs!” She’s a seasoned homeschooler mom of 7 and teaches homeschool co-ops, in-person classes, and online courses. So she sure knows what she’s talking about! In her article for Simple Homeschool: Homeschool sidekicks: […]

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