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Hi from Bucharest: A Smartick Family’s Experience

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Andrei with his latest well-earned Smartick diploma.


Did you know that Smartick families hail from over 100 countries? We are delighted to introduce Raluca and her family from Bucharest, Romania! Her family has been with Smartick for almost a year and her son, Andrei has shown incredible dedication and improvement. It’s exciting to chat with diverse families and find a common thread among them no matter where they’re from: a deep interest and commitment to their children’s education. We are honored and proud to work with such enthusiastic families.

Smartick in Romania

How did you hear about Smartick?

I ran into Smartick looking for the Kumon method. A friend told me about Kumon’s principle of exercising daily, and I found it interesting. But Smartick seems better to me because it adapts to each student’s level.

Why did you decide that Smartick would be beneficial for Andreiutzu?

I tried Smartick for two weeks, and it seemed to be a very good method to practice the basics of math. In my opinion, if you master the foundations, the rest of the mathematical construction comes easily. One month after starting Smartick, my son’s teacher asked me what happened to him. She noticed a positive and strong change in his math results and a visible improvement in his behavior in class, regarding his self-confidence. I knew that Smartick does this, but honestly I didn’t expect results so quickly.

What does your son like most about Smartick?  

My son loves the logic sessions and Coding sessions. He likes comparing himself and his performances to other students’ – the children he invited to be his Smartick friends.

He loves it when he does well and is speeding up. It’s also great when he likes to correct his mistakes.

Family Perspective

What do you as a parent like most about Smartick?

First of all, I like Smartick a lot! I like that it gives equal importance to mathematical concepts and to logic. I’m a fan of its natural buildup through math concepts, the way it makes children learn by themselves, making leaps through intuition. It’s great that it promotes learning and not perfection: the fact that making a perfect session is rewarded in the same way as correcting your mistakes. And last but not least, I like it because it is fun.

How do you motivate your son to work on his session? Does he have a particular routine to complete Smartick?

My son’s day is pretty full with school and play (outdoor play), and invariably he arrives at Smartick in the evening. It is not the perfect moment for math and for motivation, but this is the only moment we have for Smartick. Sometimes he argues about doing his sessions, but it is important that he starts, because after this, he enjoys doing his sessions.

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