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“I Often Refer to Smartick as Math Dessert Because My Children Can’t Just Get Enough”

Cait is a school psychologist, writer, and homeschooling mom to three amazing children. She is also the blogger behind My Little Poppies, and the co-host of the show The Homeschool Sisters Podcast, where she and her fellow host have already talked about their positive experiences with Smartick. Her three children have been using our program […]

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“We’ve Found a Modern Day, Much-Improved Version of the Kumon Math Program Used with My Girls”

Dr. Barbara Oakley is a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University. She has created and teaches the world’s most popular course on Coursera: Learning How To Learn. She is also involved in multiple areas of research, ranging from STEM education to Engineering education, to learning practices. She is a big fan of Smartick, and we were […]

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Homeschooling: “Can I Do Math? My Daughter Asks First Thing in the Morning”

Homeschooling: “Can I Do Math? My Daughter Asks First Thing in the Morning”

Cait and Kara are two homeschooling moms doing this homeschooling thing right beside you. On their podcast, they talk about real life homeschooling, books, caffeine addiction and surviving and thriving through these wonderful years. They don’t have it all figured out, but one thing they know for sure is that homeschooling is a lot easier […]

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“Finally! A Solution to the Math Problem!” from Lit Mama Homeschool

KT Brison is the mother and blogger behind Lit Mama Homeschool and a veteran in the homeschooling world. Once a librarian and educator, she left two jobs she adored to homeschool her boys. In her blog, she shares her homeschooling experiences together with resources and tips that can be helpful to other families. She recently told […]

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