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Brookview Children Grow Confident in Math with Smartick


A few months have gone by since the children at Brookview House started to practice math with the Smartick method and their happy faces say it all. Our online learning program has become a part of the daily activities of Brookview children. They are now growing confident in math and look forward to their “Smartick time” every day.


Brookview House is a program for homeless women and their children located in Dorchester, a neighborhood in the City of Boston. They provide mothers with a safe place to live and programs for their school-aged children to recover from the trauma of homelessness and to focus on doing well in school. Through their afterschool program, they offer homework help in a nurturing environment and do their best to bring technology and quality education solutions like Smartick to the hands of their children.


Smartick’s 15 minutes-a-day approach is easy to fit in their afternoon routine and offers a personalized math experience for each of the children. The caregivers at Brookview do an excellent job encouraging the kids to work on Smartick every day and helping them understand the importance of math for their future. “This has been a wonderful opportunity for our kids,” said Mayumi Brooks, Youth Development Programs Director at Brookview House. “Smartick adapts to each child’s needs, building self-confidence, and keeping them motivated.”


We had the chance to spend some time with the kids during our recent visit, and we were absolutely thrilled to see the enthusiasm they have for the program and math! April, a second grader, mentioned math has become her favorite subject at school. We couldn’t be happier. That positive attitude toward math and learning is exactly what the team at Smartick works hard to create and is what makes the program so special. Children are thriving using the Smartick Method and we’re excited to be a part of it!

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Conchi has spent the last decade working in the children's digital space and following closely all the latest trends in educational apps. On the weekends, she loves exploring Boston with her three-year-old daughter and taking pictures of their time together.
Conchi Ruiz Cabello

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