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#SmartickSmiles All over the World!

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All over the World
Sebastian’s #SmartickSmile with his hard-earned diplomas!


As you may know, the Smartick family is diverse with families from all over the world: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Romania, and so many others!

Today, we are excited to present Cristina and Sebastian from Chisinau, Moldova! Cristina, who is a teacher and parent, delves into her personal insights on the program and discusses what Sebastian enjoys about Smartick, as well as the elements that help motivate him to ultimately reveal that #SmartickSmile!

Family Feedback

How did you hear about Smartick?

A friend who lives in the USA recommended Smartick to me. Her boy is using it and she is very pleased with his progress. Plus, I was already looking for math activities for Sebastian – by that time we went through the majority of math books for his age available on the market.

Do you think Smartick has been helpful for Sebastian?

To my mind, Smartick has been very helpful – he’s already doing exponentiation operations and he’s just 7. All the other operations are piece of cake for him, especially addition and multiplication – these are his favorites.

What does Sebastian like most about Smartick?

Let me cite him: “Multiplication.” What about addition? “Addition too!” Subtraction? – “Not really.” What else do you like about Smartick? “Fractions.”

What do you as a parent like most about Smartick? 

I like the gamification principles applied to a learning environment. However, I’ve noticed that Sebastian doesn’t want to take part in competitions anymore. Because there is always the possibility that he might lose. And he doesn’t want to lose any points!

What are some ways you help motivate your son to work on Smartick? 

I tell him that Smartick comes from smart (translation) and if he wants to be smart, he should practice daily. Plus there are the extra ticks for 3 consecutive days, 5 consecutive days – those also help a lot :))

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Katrina Intal

Hails from the Bronx, NY and the Head of Business Development. She studied International Relations and Economics at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and went abroad during her junior year to the Complutense University in Madrid. When she isn't eating or traveling, she loves kickboxing and playing squash.
Katrina Intal

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