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A Review of Smartick’s Math Enrichment Program


The Getting Smart staff review of math enrichment programs is now available on their site in their “Smart Review” section. Their staff of teacher/bloggers praise Smartick’s math education program for it’s short, effective, daily sessions. The 10-15-minute daily sessions and personalized approach to math concepts are aligned with current research that these techniques improve student’s math grades and test scores. The app provides real-time adaptability to personalize the lessons and problems to the appropriate level for the individual.

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Colleen is part of the Smartick US marketing team. She has 15 years of experience in educational, corporate, and broadcast media production. More recently she has been working in consumer marketing, social media and media relations, including multimedia work in the healthcare education space.Colleen has a degree in broadcast journalism.

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  • Judy ViljoenSep 09 2017, 11:44 AM

    What age group does Smartick cater to. Is there help at Matric level?

    • SmartickSep 12 2017, 3:57 AM

      Hi Judy, thanks for your comment!
      Smartick is primarily aged for students between 4-14 years old. However, being a method that adapts to each students abilities and learning pace, it will depend on each case.
      The Smartick curriculum includes content from the 1st year of Primary school up to the 2nd year of Secondary school. However, we have students who work on Smartick beyond this age range, even after the 2nd year of Secondary school because they haven’t consolidated certain concepts during their primary education. Smartick allows them to work from bottom to top and cover areas they haven’t mastered.