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Co-Founder of Smartick Explains the Importance of Maths on KayaFM

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Javier Arroyo, the co-founder of Smartick, was a guest on David O’Sullivan’s show, Breakfast with David on Kaya FM, the recently-crowned best station in South Africa.

Arroyo took the opportunity to emphasise the importance of math for all aspects of life, highlighting the necessity for children to master the subject from childhood and avoid any “gaps” in their learning.

This is the idea behind Smartick, a personalised online method for children from 4 to 14 years old, that improves maths skills with daily sessions lasting just 15 minutes.

Arroyo explained to David on KayaFM that Smartick has been available South Africa for several months, and many clients have already opted to sign up to this new method that adapts to the learning pace of each student.

Since its creation five years ago, the start-up Smartick has helped more than 32,000 children improve their maths skills across 70 countries. At present, a close-knit team of 45 people (computer scientists, mathematicians, professional educators, and teachers) are working to improve the Artificial Intelligence and curriculum of the method, and offer a unique, personalised service to their clients.

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