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Parent24 Recommends Smartick to Improve the Math Level of Children

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Parent24, a website created in 2006 with the objective of informing, entertain, and educating parents, ran a feature recommending maths apps that help children develop a good base in maths that will help them develop independently in the future, removing maths as an obstacle in their lives, and even help them come to “love” maths.

Among the extracurricular options that South African children have available to them to help improve or reinforce their maths is Smartick, the online learning method for children aged between 4 and 14, which thanks to its artificial intelligence, provides a personalised programme, adapted to the level and pace of learning of each child.

More than 32,000 children from all over the world have used Smartick’s daily 15 minute sessions to improve their mental calculation, logic, reasoning, and mathematical abilities in general.

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