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Kids Math Teacher Video Blog about Smartick!

Check out this video review from Lucy Ravitch! Lucy is a math teacher, mother of 4, and the author of Kids Math Teacher, as well as several math-focused children’s books. With four children within the Smartick demographic range from 4-14, Lucy shares her experience as a parent and each of her children’s experiences with the program in her video review.

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In this video, Lucy says that “one nice thing I enjoyed as a parent was getting the emails after my child did a session which says what they were working on and how they scored. I would also get a friendly reminder if they missed a session the previous day.” This feature helps parents keep up with their child’s daily progression.

Favorite Parts About Smartick:

As mentioned, Lucy had all 4 of her children sign up for Smartick. In her review, Lucy notes that “my 5 year old enjoyed it the most. She would ask almost daily if she could go on the computer and do math. She liked doing the session as well as getting to do the Virtual World!” How cute! 

review Another feature that Lucy reviews in her video is the different types of skills that are gained through Smartick. “I loved how it didn’t just work with numbers, it worked with spatial reasoning, order of things, positioning, and comparing.” These are some aspects of Smartick that set us apart from other online math programs, so we are glad to hear that our users are receptive to these qualities.

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Thank you, Lucy, for sharing your families experience with Smartick!

Try out the Smartick Method for your family & enjoy a 15-day free trial today!

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