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Practice Dividing with and without Remainders

Dividing is an equitable distribution, ie., splitting between equal parts or groups. What is division? Dividend: The number that you have to divide. Divisor: The number that the dividend is being divided by Quotient: The result of the division. Remainder: What is left over after the division Dividing with No Remainders We want to distribute these […]

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Smartick at Mass Innovation Nights at Autodesk

When you move to the U.S. and launch your new product in a city like Boston, you get access to a wonderfully involved, supportive startup community. One part of this community is a new product showcase called Mass Innovation Nights (MIN). MIN is a monthly product launch party and networking event designed to connect startups […]

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5 Ways to Reinforce Positive Behaviors in Your Child

Parents loom large in the development of their children’s personalities. As the Pixar film Inside Out tells it, parents form the biggest “islands” (personality aspects) for their children. As the principle socialization agents for their children, parents have a large array of resources at their disposal to mold their children’s behavior. “Have you eaten today? […]

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