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The Number Pi

The number Pi is one of the most important mathematical constants and it indicates the relationship between the perimeter (L) and the diameter (D) of a circumference. So, L = pi x D   The number Pi is an irrational number. In other words, it’s a number that can’t be expressed as a two whole-numbered fraction, […]

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Understanding Division with the Help of Geometric Visualization

Understanding Division with the Help of Geometric Visualization

We’ve written plenty of posts about division on the Smartick blog. The division algorithm, sometimes, can be difficult or a pretty long-winded way of calculating, especially if the divisor contains 2 or more digits. Understanding division with the help of geometric visualization In this post, we’re going to view division as the opposite operation to […]

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Logic Exercises at Smartick

In this week’s post, we are going to look at the types of logic exercises that we have at Smartick. Logic exercises are very important for putting thoughts in order, for expressing them clearly, for analyzing, for deducing correctly and finally, for solving problems that we’ve never seen before. We think it’s essential that our […]

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Powers in Math

Hello! How did your week start off? Are you ready to learn about what powers are today? Yes! You heard correctly, today we are going to focus on powers. Do you know what powers are for? We use powers to simplify multiplication problems that use more than one of the same number. The power of […]

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