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Understanding Multiplication Problems with Examples

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What needs to be done in order to solve multiplication problems? Isn’t it enough to just multiply the numbers that we’re given?

No! Because…

What’s more important is UNDERSTANDING the multiplication problems.

This is why we’re bringing you some multiplication problems today where YOU WON’T NEED TO USE MULTIPLICATION, but rather, TO THINK CRITICALLY.

Ready? Read and answer this multiplication problem carefully:

multiplication problems

Is enough information provided to solve the problem?

What would your answer be? Think about it carefully! We don’t have enough information to know how many necklaces Mario made!

multiplication problems

We’re going to try another kind of problem:

multiplication problems

Have you read through all the options carefully?

The correct answer is…

multiplication problems

Want to try something a little more challenging?

Give this last one a shot:

multiplication problems

Be careful, you need to read all of the options carefully!

multiplication problems

If you want to practice more multiplication problems, click on the following link:

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