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Do You Want to Learn Multiplication Tables Tricks?

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In today’s post we will talk about multiplication tables. Usually a dense and complex issue, because we have to memorize all the tables, sometimes using songs or rhymes helps to remember them more easily.

Here we are offering you a few tricks that make learning multiplication tables a more dynamic and fun task.

Basic multiplication operations to fill out multiplication tables  (addition, double and half):

Let’s see an example with the Table for 2:

multiplication tables

We have emptied a table for you to try any number, it can be of 2 figures, as well…

Try it! You will see how easy it is.

multiplication tables

Multiplication tables of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 on your hands:

Using our fingers, we can complete several operations very easily, in this case we will see how to get all the results with the tables for 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

First we assign each finger on each hand a number from 6 to 10:

multiplication tables

Then we choose a multiplication that we want to perform, for example 7 x 8, and place the fingers corresponding to these two numbers together:

multiplication tables

Now we will begin to find the result, first the number in the tens place:

multiplication tables

And now the single units which go in the ones place:

multiplication tables


Try it with another combination!!!

The multiplication table for 9 “up and down”: 

multiplication tables

Once we have joined them, we place the results in the table:

multiplication tables

If this trick doesn’t seem easy to you or you do not have a paper and pencil to do it, there is another trick to do the whole 9 table with your fingers:

9 multiplication table with your fingers:

First we list the fingers of the hand from 1 to 10:

multiplication tables

We are going to find how 9 x 7 equals

We lower the finger that corresponds to 7


We count to finger 7 and we have the Tens place.

We count after finger 7 and we have the Ones place.

multiplication tablesAnd here are the tricks to have fun with multiplication tables, I hope that they have helped you and, above all, that you had learned!

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