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What Is a Division? Basic Concepts

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In today’s post we’re going to learn what a division is, and what we call the numbers that make up a division.

Dividing is the same as sharing in equal parts

For example: Imagine we have 10 cupcakes. We want to put them into 2 boxes so that each box has the same number of cupcakes. How would we divide the cupcakes?


We’ve divided 10 cupcakes between 2 boxes and we’ve put 5 cupcakes in each box.

What makes a division?

A division is made up of different numbers, and each of these numbers has a special name. We want to share 7 pineapples between 2 boxes…division

We’ve put 3 pineapples in each box, and we have one pineapple left over.



  • The total number of pineapples that we have to give out is called the Dividend.
  • The number of boxes that we want to to put the pineapples into is called the Divisor.
  • The number of pineapples that we’ve put into each box is called the Quotient.
  • The number of pineapples that we have left over is called the Remainder.
Types of divisions: 
  • Exact divisions:  When the remainder is zero, or in other words, when there’s nothing left over when we’ve finished dividing (sharing).


  • Integer division: When the remainder is not zero, or, when we have 1 or more than 1 left over when we’ve finished the division (sharing).


And that’s it for today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning the basic concepts of divisions. If you want to keep practising divisions and much more, you just have to log in to Smartick.

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