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I want to learn about: Number & Operations – Fractions

Content about fractions in elementary mathematics. Exercises, tutorials, problems, and teaching resources for fractions in elementary. Here you will find posts about fractions to make learning mathematics easier and more fun. ido generado sobre fracciones de matemáticas de primaria.


Practice Exercises on Subtracting Fractions

Welcome, again, to the Smartick blog. Today we are going to explain the exercises on subtracting fractions. The first thing you need to know before going ahead with the exercises is how to calculate the least common multiple of different numbers. The following link will take you to the post where we explain the steps on […]

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Types of Fractions: Proper, Improper, Fractions Equal to One

Types of Fractions: Proper, Improper, Fractions Equal to One

Today we will look at the classification of fractions: What types of fractions are there? We can classify them according to the relationship between the numerator and denominator. Proper Fraction Those representing a number less than 1. And how are these fractions identified? All fractions that represent numbers less than 1 are characterized by having […]

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