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Logic Exercises at Smartick and a Math Riddle

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Hello! Today at Smartick we are going to review one of the most popular topics among students: logic.

First, try to solve the famous riddle made viral a few months ago!

logicThat is the same curiosity our students feel when they complete these sessions.

Logic, as such, is a branch of mathematics that is not usually worked on extensively in school. Logical reasoning is not only useful to us in everyday situations, but it is the basis for the orderly reasoning that allows us to reach elaborate conclusions.

In fact, it is not just a branch of mathematics, but what mathematics is based on.  When we work on any mathematical content we are working on logical reasoning.  However, working separately on logic helps serves as a different and compelling content. So in Smartick, we have logic sessions that are separate from our “normal” sessions. The students work with them more or less often depending on how they do and without a time limit on the exercises.

So … what are these exercises that our children like so much?  That is the purpose of today’s post, to teach different areas that work within the logic sessions.

Try to solve some of them!

Attention Exercises

These exercises work with the attention span of our students. Thus, they should be very careful to choose the way in which two images are equal:


or to follow the correct path:


Spatial Exercises

These exercises are specially developed for children to exercise their spatial vision. They will have to undo a figure to find what we call its development:


You must mentally turn the images to see which one is the same as the one given or mentally adjust its position:


Numerical Exercises

These are exercises in which students will face some sort of reasoning that includes numbers or arithmetic operations. For example:



Verbal Exercises

In these exercises students will use verbal logic to find synonyms, antonyms or words that do not fit


Propositions, riddles, deductions, etc.

They are the closest thing to what we find when we open a book with logic puzzles. They have to do all kinds of deductions.  Of course we will guide them from the easiest to the most difficult. In recent levels we have logical questions not only for children, but also for parents!




And you’re done, we hope you liked it!  To enjoy it you can begin a trial of Smartick, and fun is assured!

PS: I could not leave you without the solution to the fruits puzzle.

To begin, as

logicSo, each apple is worth 10, because 10 + 10 + 10 = 30.
Now we have

logicif we remove the apple, we will have to remove 10 to the other side so that  the equation is maintained. With what we have that two bananas are equal to 8, so a banana equals 4. We use the following equation, 4 minus coconuts equals 2, then coconuts are equal to 2.
logicIn summary, we have:

  • Apple = 10
  • 4 bananas = 4
  • 2 coconuts = 2

Notice the last equation
logicWe need to know how much 1 coconut and 3 bananas weigh. It’s easy because if 4 bananas are equal to 4,  that means that 1 banana equals 1, so 3 bananas are equal to 3.  Using that same reasoning if 2 coconuts weigh 2, then one coconut weighs 1.  Therefore the information we have to put in the equation is:

  • Coconut = 1
  • Apple = 10
  • 3 bananas = 3

That is, 1 + 10 + 3 = 14. This is the solution!

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