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I want to learn about: Psychology

Content related to psychology and education. Here you will find posts about psychology to answer any questions you have as a parent or educator.


The Importance of Hearing in Learning

The Importance of Hearing in Learning

Hearing occupies a very important place in learning. ”Hearing is not the same as listening.” Thanks to our sense of hearing we learn to: Speak and recognize sounds in our environment. Understand through spoken language. Locate sounds and adjust their intensity. Filter through noises that bother us when we need to concentrate. Listen at an […]

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The Power of Positivity in Education

  Communication is the most powerful virtue that humans possess but with it, we find a double-edged sword. It is well known that the language and behaviors that little ones show the world are, by and large, a reflection of their role models (parents and educators). That is why it is necessary to tip the […]

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