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I want to learn about: Psychology

Content related to psychology and education. Here you will find posts about psychology to answer any questions you have as a parent or educator.


How to Cultivate a Sense of Responsibility in Children

  Who wouldn’t want to give their child something unique, non-transferable and invaluable? Begin by cultivating the responsibility that will help your child become a competent and independent person with ambitious goals in their life: Teach your child what responsibility means and the various types that exist: With themselves. They are the protagonist in their own life and […]

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How to Help Your Gifted and Talented Child

How to Help Your Gifted and Talented Child

I was moved by the beauty and truth hidden in the words that psychologist Carl Jung used to describe “Giftedness”: ”Great gifts are the fairest, and often the most dangerous, fruits on the tree of humanity. They hang on the weakest branches, which easily break.” The concept of  “Gifted and Talented” refers to intellectually gifted children, but it […]

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