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Smartick is an online method for learning mathematics for children ages 4 to 14. Here you will Smartick learn how Smartick works and we will inform you about all of the updates.


Smartick Math: Amazing Online Program to Boost Your Homeschool

Amy Milcic is a mental health therapist turned homeschooling soccer mom to 5 boys. It’s her passion to help homeschoolers add sparkle to their learning fun, and that’s exactly why she created her site “Rock Your Homeschool” – to help homeschoolers find their groove & unlock their potential. She acknowledges how math is a struggle […]

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Kumon vs Smartick: Similarities and Differences

Kumon vs Smartick: Similarities and Differences

Parents often ask what are the main differences between Smartick and other more traditional, paper-based methods (such as Kumon). The differences are substantial, both in the methodology, learning effectiveness and results. 1. Types of exercises Smartick does not come with preloaded exercises, nor worksheets with a fixed, preset sequence of exercises that are the same […]

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