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Give your child a brighter future.
World-class math education,
at home!

For children ages 4 to 14.
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Supported by the European Union, the artificial intelligence developed by Smartick adapts to your child's learning pace.

Pensar Smartick Logic and Reasoning

Students develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they work on mental calculation and algebra. In addition to building these fundamental skills, their reading comprehension is also improved.

Metodo Latest EdTech AI

Students progress at their own pace, build self-confidence, avoid frustration, and develop a positive attitude towards math.

15 minutos 15 minutes a day

Short, daily sessions at maximum concentration. No commuting or schedules. Access Smartick from your PC or tablet. Anytime, anywhere.

Pedagogico Advance Beyond School

Students can advance beyond school as they are not restricted to the official curriculum. Smartick engages students in the best approaches worldwide to provide optimal learning.

In the last 24 hours:

8917 students from
76 countries have completed

Calculation Skills

94 out of 100 children have improved their calculation skills

Grades in Math

83 out of 100 children have improved their school grades in math
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Financed and supported by the European Union

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Scientifically designed games that, upon finishing a math session,
keep children engaged and reinforcing their cognitive skills.


Give your child a brighter future.
World-class math education, at home!

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